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Chemical Peels


We offer a wide range of chemical peels to meet every type of skin concern and goal. Light peels will help exfoliate the top layer…

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Clinical Facials


Are you concerned your at-home skincare routine is not promoting your healthiest skin possible? Do you worry you will need several complex treatments to help…

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Appropriate for all skin types, this 30-minute skincare solution is a must for anyone desiring dramatic age-defying benefits without downtime! Dermalinfusion in Houston is a…

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Frustrated with the texture of your skin and how it impacts your complexion? With the help of dermaplaning, you may be able to achieve skin…

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Skin Care Products


A healthy, glowing complexion is easy to achieve and maintain with medical-grade skin care products in Houston, Texas. The active ingredients found in our range…

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Clinical skin Care Blogs By Dr. Shine

When the body is asleep, the skin cells partake in rejuvenation. “We believe the rate of skin renewal doubles, collagen production speeds up, and cell damage reverses,” says Dr. Blair Murphy-Rose, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City. “Overnight products stay in contact with the skin for an extended period so that the active ingredients can go to work for a long period uninterrupted,” she explains.

Overnight treatments are more concentrated, thicker, and contain more active ingredients than their daytime counterparts. Evening serums are essential to incorporate into your P.M. routine since they have heavy-hitting actives, like retinolpeptides, and growth factors.

Along with serums, thick creams, face oils, and even leave-on masks are also a must since they increase moisture levels. Not to mention, water loss is higher at night, so it’s important to keep the skin well hydrated. In addition, Dr. Davis says that it’s easier for the skin to handle thicker products at bedtime because it is not in “protect” mode but rather “repair mode.”

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